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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Don't Forget Medicaid

The hairhatted ones on your TV and the laserjet toner-stained wretches at your local bird-cage liner haven't been bothering to tell you, but Medicaid is still on the chopping block. The plutocrat-in-chief has proposed caps on entitlement programs, and the House budget slashes Medicaid. The Senate was much kinder to children from working poor families and old folks in nursing homes, but it's going to conference committee where compassionate conservatism could still end up throwing grandma out on the street or into the arms of state taxpayers who will then have to choose between grandma's nursing care and your kids' schools.

Do something about it! Go here, where some of our friends have put together everything you need to fight back: information, analysis, sample letters, upcoming events, you name it. And if you happen to live in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Maine or Minnesota, we really need you.

"The major focus for action now continues to be the four states where Republican senators voted to oppose Medicaid cuts, and we want them to stand firm: Senators Spector in Pennsylvania, Collins and Snowe in Maine, Coleman in Minnesota, and Smith in Oregon. "

But we need y'all to work on the rest of the Senate and House as well, to make this a priority. And don't forget your newspapers and your TV news. They need to pay attention to issues that really matter. Do we want to have a culture of life? Fine. We need to pay for it.

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