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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wait till next year

No, I'm not talking about the Mets, and actually I guess I really mean the year after next, but Chimpy vetoing expansion of S-CHIP, even if it does injure and kill a few more kids, is not accomplishing what he says he is accomplishing, which is to protect the private health insurance industry against the Black Death of creeping socialism.

Nope, he's just tying one more cinder block to the ankles of Republic party candidates in 2008 -- and astonishingly, most of them are putting their finger on the knot while he ties the bow, because they just can't break the habit of joyously affirming devotion to Dear Leader, the Sun of the Nation and of Mankind.

The term "filibuster" instantly disappeared from the vocabulary of the nation's political reporters the instant Harry Reid became Senate Majority Leader. Now, it seems, it's not that the minority obstructs the proverbial "up and down vote," it's simply that Democratic measure fail in the Senate because they don't get the 60 votes required for passage. But even if the corporate media refuse to report that what's really going on is that the Republic party is obstructing Democratic legislation by threatening to filibuster, there is no way for them to disguise a presidential veto. And when the override votes happen, it will be Republic party legislators, and Republic party legislators only, who obstruct enactment.

I don't even think ABC news will find a way to hide that.

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