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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The Agriculture Department has issued rules banning the sale of meat contaminated with six strains of E. coli which have been found to cause severe disease in humans. You probably think that's a good idea but you're wrong, according to the American Meat Institute. (Yep, there is one.) "Imposing this new regulatory program on ground beef will cost tens of millions of federal and industry dollars — costs that likely will be borne by taxpayers and consumers. It is neither likely to yield a significant public health benefit nor is it good public policy," sayeth the purveyors of dead flesh.

It seems to me they need to hire a new PR firm. They are actually insisting on the right to sell you meat contaminated with deadly bacteria. In the name of freedom, I suppose. Do you find that comforting? If not, try eating something else.

1 comment:

roger said...

how about requiring a label their products

"may contain deadly pathogens, consume at your own risk"

haha. i make the joke.