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Friday, September 20, 2013

It's going to happen, might as well hunker down

The Shrill One, here embracing the appellation, figures the Republicans have gone so far around the bend that yes, they will shut down the government and might just refuse to raise the debt limit. I'm holding off on investing my 2013 IRA contribution, because they might just knock us back into 1932.

There's more than enough blame to go around for the collapse of our hallowed republic, but let me single out the the worst offender and no, it's not the Koch brothers or the Club for Growth or Rush Limbaugh or even Fox News. It's CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, NPR and the rest of the corporate media gang of idiots. Fox News and the Vulgar Pigboy know what they're doing, they do it on purpose, and they're just evil. They know they're lying all the time and they know how they're pushing the buttons and pulling the strings of their deluded followers. The others, however, pretend to be journalists and pretend to be providing some sort of a public service.

No and no. The coverage I see and hear consists of one or another Republican member of Congress declaring that "Obamacare" is the worst legislation of the past 50 years, that it will destroy the economy and our liberty and cost billions of jobs and raise the cost of health care." Then they have Harry Reid saying "no, we aren't going to defund it." That's the debate the people hear, in its entirety. And as Chuck Todd said yesterday, it's not his job to tell people the truth.

Polls show that the majority of people oppose the Affordable Care Act, and an even larger majority don't know what it does. I know damn well that isn't my fault, but I can't get 100 million people to read this blog.

I'll tell you what though. Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch and even the Koch brothers don't actually want economic collapse. I'm counting on them to make Rand Paul an offer he can't refuse.

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robin andrea said...

The path we are on is pretty mind-numbing. I agree with you about Chuck Todd and his ilk. What is his job if it's not to inform and enlighten? Repeating talking points is not journalism. They are killing our country.