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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Well, at least he apparently believes in evolution

"Republican" has apparently become synonymous with "idiotic." Here's Newt Gingrich claiming that global warming is not to worry, because the earth did just fine back in the age of the dinosaurs when it was much warmer than it is now.

I don't imagine I need to explain to any of my readers why this doesn't make perfect sense, since I presume I don't attract blithering idiots. But this malignant clown gets to go on all the Sunday morning yack shows and otherwise get all of his ignorant pronouncements transcribed by corporate media throughout the nation. It's truly baffling.

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robin andrea said...

Newt Gingrich is a fool. I read an interesting article the other day in Salon that looked at the philosophical evolution from Nixon to Paul Ryan. It had some wonderful insights about Gingrich's influence on Congress and why it is absolutely dysfunctional today. Perhaps a dinosaur era air bubble could be created for Mr. Gingrinch to spend some time in, just for a scientific experiment. I think it would make great Sunday morning viewing.