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Saturday, December 13, 2014

More from the weirdness file

As promised.

I go to a lot of conferences and meetings and whatnot. At one such, somebody handed me the following business card.

Brokerage Business Centers/Management
Education Development Administrative Offices of:
Dr. Veronique O. Jones

Expert General Consulting Contracts, Assets Management, Real Estate
Investments, Home Buying Services, Loans, Insurance, Travel Services,
Social-Political-Public Relations Liaison, Negotiation/Mediation/Conflict Resolution,
International Services and Cuisine Finder, Promoter, Advertisers, Care Givers,
Research,  Edu-Care Technologies, Fundraisers, Training, Recruiting,
Financial Services, Career-Employment-Business Opportunities,
We bring the best in business and in human nature!

Solutions Reservoir Executive

Okay, I changed the name to protect the guilty. There's also an address and phone number. You would think by now I would have had occasion to use her services -- I mean, something is bound to come up, right? Cuisine finding, if nothing else. Somehow it hasn't happened. 

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