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Monday, September 12, 2016

Science for Sale

As my 2 1/2 long time readers have probably noticed, nothing frosts my pumpkin more than corrupt science. Well the gourd has a thick layer of ice right now. Stanton Glantz - a major figure in exposing corruption of science by the tobacco industry, has turned his guns on the sugar industry. They too were paying scientists to say that sugar is good for you.

You may recall that we had a consensus for a couple of decades that the way to avoid heart disease was a low fat diet. It's taken a couple of decades more to eradicate that falsehood and it's still clinging to life. Food manufacturers touted their "low fat" products as healthful while they were full of toxic sugar. What we're finally getting around to understanding is that dietary fat -- other than transfats -- and dietary cholesterol do not cause atherosclerosis. But sugar does, and it also causes a glycemic spike in the blood which contributes to diabetes. Plus it makes you fat. The entire edifice of nutrition science from the late sixties right into the nineties was a fraud erected by the sugar industry and its scientific prostitutes in academia.

That's really evil.

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