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Monday, June 05, 2017

Intelligence test

Republican congress returns to DC with repeal of the Affordable Care Act still on their agenda. They may not get it done, we'll see. Below please see a representation of the key accomplishment of the ACA. Can you spot the supersecret mysterious reason why Republicans don't like it?


Anonymous said...

Conservatives disagree with liberals, they argue bad policies.

Liberals disagree with Conservatives, they're horrible human beings.

This recurring theme is showcased splendidly in this post. It appears you can't disagree with liberals on policy. If you do, you really just hate poor people, people of color, want to push grandma over the cliff, want to fuck everybody over, etc.

Anonymous said...

Besides, its so much harder to reduce the numbers of minorities in this country by medical means when they have health insurance!

Cervantes said...

The point is the policy is good. The only thing bad about it is that it disproportionately benefits minorities.

Anonymous said...

The baseball practice shootings highlight the dangerous rhetoric liberals engage in when always characterizing those who don't agree with their agenda as horrible people (racists, bigots, homophobes, hate black people, hate brown people, hate queers, etc.)

The steady drumbeat that Republicans have no other motivation for their proposed policies other than to be mean and to hurt others fuels the fringe crazies and this is what you get.

Own it

Smith said...

"Anonymous" (above), it is too bad that you make things up that only exist in your mind. You really must learn to comprehend more clearly what you read. Because as it is, your ignorance and anger cause you to subjectively twist what you read till it conforms to your inner mind's warped view of the world around you. I suggest that you start with the book, "The Four Agreements." Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

"Smith" is a great example of what was being discussed earlier. He cannot or is unwilling to make a rational argument. Instead, he only wants to demonize those he disagrees with.

He *is* the problem