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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The No-Exit Strategy

A lot of bloggers make their living by dropping in on the opposition and mocking them -- you know, Atrios and the Wanker of the Day, that sort of thing. As you know, I always try to stay positive, stay on the sunny side, look forward not back. But what the heck, I said to myself, I wonder what Pat Robertson is up to these days?

It turns out he has an Iraq exit strategy. And you can help! That's right, every Christian American can do his or her bit to bring our troops home. Ahh, there is a small catch -- you have to "join the community," which means that Pat will ask you for money -- but that's really just an added benefit, since you will have so many ways to give and so many opportunities to be relentlessly asked. Not only that, you get a health benefit -- a chance to learn all about Pat's Age Defying Antioxidants!

Here's how it works:

Here is the Biblical Exit Strategy

We are asking thousands of churches and individuals to adopt the newly-elected Iraqi leaders by name for six months of weekly prayer support in three areas:

* For Safety: They and their families must survive the many attacks that will come.
* For Wisdom: They must have the wisdom of God to rebuild their government and nation.
* For Courage: To persevere in serving Iraq until the job is done.

Within three months, we intend to send each adopted Iraqi leader a list of hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of Christians and churches in America and worldwide praying for them and their families by name for 180 days!

* This kind of sustained prayer for Muslim leaders may never have been done before in Church history! This is a wonderful way to love Muslims with God’s love!
* 180 days of prayer could empower those leaders to turn Iraq 180 degrees toward peace and stability -- hence Back Iraq 180!

You'll get regular e-mail updates on prayer needs from Iraq, along with regular updates on Pat's need for money. And the best part is, it's bound to work! I mean, how can history possibly defy the power of prayer to the Christian God?

I've only got one question -- if God can fix this thing, why is he waiting around for Pat's followers to pray for it? Isn't that kind of unfair to all those people who are getting blown up and shot in the meantime? Just a thought. Plus I have another question -- why bother to take Pat's age-defying antioxidants when you can just pray for youthfulness?

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