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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Grossout of the day

From my friend in the uttermost west:

30 Fall Ill from Noodles Tainted with Chewing Tobacco

Authorities in Phnom Penh reported Monday that thirty people suffered from food poisoning after they ate noodles that were contaminated with chewing tobacco, which fell out of the mouth of the cook who prepared the batter. 39-year-old woman Sieng Seng, an employee at a wholesale noodle vendor who supplied the restaurant where people started vomiting from the noodles, said she never knew the wad fell into the ingredients while she talked.

But this is actually an opportunity for me to post what I was gonna post anyway, right now, right here. The WHO has info on tobacco use worldwide by people age 13 to 15. Actually it's based on a survey of students in school, much like our Youth Behavioral Risk Factor Survey here in the US of A, so it probably misses the kids who are most likely to be nicotinic. 17.3% of kids that age around the world use tobacco. The rates are actually highest in Europe and the Americas, where the merchants of death have spent the past century or so corrupting the youth. But Africa, where they're dying of malaria and diarrhea because they can't even afford mosquito netting and clean water, is right behind.

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