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Friday, December 08, 2006

Administrative Statements

One of my high school English teachers once wrote on one of my efforts at creative writing, "Eschew administrative statements." I have always remembered this, and taken it to heart, even though some years later he was convicted of being a serial molester of adolescent boys. (He never bothered me. Who knew?)

Anyhow, administrative statements are sometimes necessary, so here are a couple. First, if you are interested in voting in this year's web log awards, just click on the logo on the sidebar, and it will take you right to the voting page for best medical/health issues blog. From there you can go right to all the other categories as well. The point of this competition is not really who wins, it's a way of learning more about what's out there in the ever-expanding blogosphere. (By the way, you get to vote once a day for ten days, so you can be a serial voter for one blog, or spread the love around.) Personally, it's getting to the point where I barely have time to read all the blogs I already know and like, but it's still good to discover new ones.

Also, I want to announce that a couple of my friends at Latin American Health Institute have started a new blog about research and policy concerning Latino health, health disparities, and public health in general. I'm helping out as site administrator. It will be on my blogroll as soon as I get around to it.

And now back to work. A real post will appear later today.

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