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Friday, March 23, 2007

I've got a bad feeling . . .

This is relevant to public health because blowing people up contributes to morbidity and mortality.

As you may have heard, a GAO report says that something like 400 munitions depots in Iraq are unguarded, and people are just bopping in and helping themselves to artillery shells, RPGs, high explosives, and what not. It seems the original plan was to have the Iraqi army guard the sites, but then LarryPaulJerryWhateverTFHisNameIsPresidentialMedalOfFreedom Bremer disbanded the Iraqi army and well, nobody had another idea. The U.S. military is too busy right now driving around getting blown up by the bombs made from all these free explosives to actually guard the places where the bombers are getting their ingredients, and you can't trust the new Iraqi army to guard them because they're mostly the same people who are looting them and blowing up Americans and each other in the first place.

Thank God the grownups are in charge.

Okay. This makes at least as much sense as invading Iraq in the first place. And while I think it's a great thing that Congress is doing oversight and passing legislation in the House that won't pass the Senate and would be vetoed even if it did, I'm not nearly jumping nearly as high for joy as some of my friends.

It's terrific that Henry Waxman and Patrick Leahy are going to force the corporate media to remind everybody that the gang of murdering thieves lied to start the war, massively screwed it up and lied about it the whole time, let their pals loot the Iraqi and U.S. treasuries to the tune of a a few tens of billions, sent the troops into combat without enough armor or equipment, let them lie in their own excrement after they came home with half their brains blown out, betrayed the country by blowing the cover of a CIA agent who actually was trying to do something about illicit weapons in the Middle East, fired U.S. Attorneys who refused to maliciously prosecute their political rivals or who legitimately prosecuted their crooked friends, systematically violated the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments, etc. . . .

Fine. Congress can hold hearings but Alberto Gonzales isn't about to prosecute himself, therefore so what? And the Decider has already decided what he's going to do to get back in the Wartime President groove. If they get close to checkmating him, he's going to knock over the board. He's going to start a war with Iran.

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