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Friday, April 20, 2007

Let me go off topic for a moment

I don't really feel like posting today, but you know, duty. So I'll just muse a bit about something I really don't know anything about -- hey, if the folks on teevee can make a million dollars a year doing it, at least the price is right here.

In all the discussion about whether consigliere Gonzales will resign, I don't see many who even hint at what seems to me to be the central issue here. If Gonzo goes, there will have to be a new AG, who will have to be confirmed by the Senate. True, Joe Lieberman would go along even if Chimpy nominated Karl Rove himself for the job, but at this point there are at least 2 or 3 Republican senators who would probably not vote to confirm a partisan hack whose only qualification was an evident unwillingness to investigate any elements of the criminal conspiracy currently running the country. Or, to spell it out for you, there is too much information within the DoJ, that would be available to a new AG, that they cannot allow anybody outside of the conspiracy to have.

So, I try to steer clear of predictions but I think Gonzales will stay if there is any way for them to make it possible. Judging by the announcement this morning, about how pleased Chimpy is with yesterday's testimony, that appears to be the plan.

Donning the ALCOA sombrero, however, I can imagine a Plan B: Yup, Joe Lieberman again. The Senate will always confirm a club member, no matter what; the CT Governor is a Republican, so the Senate will tip (which will also please Joe); and Holy Joe can be counted on to keep his lips firmly glued to the Chimpoleon posterior because he doesn't want anything to jeopardize his precious war against the A-rabs.

Anybody got a Plan C?

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