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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


While I was driving back to Boston yesterday, NPR inflicted upon me the story of the creation "museum" in Petersburg, KY. No doubt you have already experienced the respectful coverage of this event in your local birdcage liner or over your living room child zombifier. I need not waste your time with my own response, which readers can no doubt write for me, but I was interested in a brief soundbite from one of the self-described Christian fans of the museum, to the effect that without absolute truth, where would we be?

Without absolute truth, we can explore, discover, create, develop, grow. We can be astonished. We can accomplish greatness. We can make tomorrow better than yesterday. We can assure the future of our species, and reach for the stars. We can become more than our ancestors ever could have dreamed.

With absolute truth, we stagnate, shrivel up, and finally blow away as dust. We create nothing, build nothing, discover nothing, achieve nothing. We are not humans, but brutes. And that is what the propietors of the creation museum want for all our children. That's because they have moral values.

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