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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No shortage of fools, anyway

We may be running short of oil, water, top soil and seafood, but the supply of dupes and dolts is infinite. It seems the Creation Museum needs to expand because the current facilities can't handle the crowds.

Meanwhile, back when Sonny Perdue scheduled his prayer meeting for today, the long range forecast called for rain in Atlanta tomorrow -- the only day in the forecast with rain penciled in. Just a coincidence of course. Alas, the forecast has been changed, the rain is missing them to the north, so it appears the prayers had the opposite of the intended effect.

What the Governor should have done, of course, is hire a guy to dress up in feathers and dance with a rattle. That actually works. As for the Creation Museum, if Noah could build a ship bigger than a modern supertanker all by himself out of gopher wood, I don't know why they need half a million dollars to enlarge the parking lot. Mike Zovath just needs to get out there with a shovel.