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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I'm not going to write about Sarah Palin . . .

I'm not going to write about Sarah Palin, I'm not going to write about Sarah Palin, I'm not going to . . .

Oh shit. Look, here's the bottom line, as we used to say all the time in my ACORN organizing days. Only in America can one of two major political parties energize its base by nominating to high political office a refugee from the 13th Century. Somebody who believes that students should be taught in science class that the earth is 6,000 years old, that human activity is not making the planet warmer, and that the best way to prevent teenagers from getting pregnant is to teach them not to have sex and not to mention contraception is qualified for one and only one electoral office, and that is secretary of the Patient Advisory Committee at the mental hospital. In every other country on earth with near universal literacy, that's how it is.

We have a very serious, urgent problem in this country, which is that a dangerous, extremist, delusional cult is not just plotting to seize power, but is actually the single most powerful movement in the country and now controls the minds of substantial segment -- perhaps more than 40% -- of the population. They don't just believe in this insanity -- they want to make it the governing ideology of the country and impose it on everybody else, because Jesus is coming back soon and the world is going to end and for some reason that doesn't actually make any sense, that means its the right thing to do. This is not even a little bit funny.

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