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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Patriotic Song

I'd rather forget him entirely, but as the famous political philospher Juju Santeria once said, Those who fail to ridicule the past are doomed to regurgitate it, or something.

The tune should be obvious.

Dear Chimpy ‘tis at you,
I hereby throw my shoe,
It’s thee I dis.
You’re the election thief,
The idiot in chief
You’ve screwed us up beyond belief
On thee I pis.[1]

You claimed to speak for God
While on the laws you trod,
You hypocrite.
You lie just like the sod
Your syntax it is odd
Your cowboy accent is a fraud
You’re an upper class twit.

At oversight you sneezed,
Your greedy friends to please,
And the economy crashed.
Iraqis you did croak,
You’ve left our grandkids broke,
You treated war like one big joke
At the journalists’ bash.

You tortured prisoners
Appointed Hizzoners [2]
Far right extreme.
For the polluted air,
Taxes that are unfair,
And inept cronies everywhere,
God save the Queen.[3]

Your place in history
Will be no mystery:
You are the worst.
Upon your neck we’d hope
To find your head but nope,
You’d nee -eed a-a proctoscope[4]
Of fools you’re first.

[1] Unless of course you happen to be on fire.
[2] Okay, it's a bit of a stretch, but rather clever in a groan-inducing way, don't you think?
[3] Whoops, wrong song! heh heh.
[4] Sorry about that.

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whisker said...

UFB Absolutely spectacular!