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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Occam's Razor

The chattering classes are all in a twitter over the reasons for Sarah Palin's bizarre resignation announcement. What is her ulterior, nefarious, elaborate plot or plan? Actually there is a very simple explanation: She's a blithering idiot.

Why is the death of a weirdo song and dance man the biggest news since Pearl Harbor? (Bigger by far, by far, than the president signing an agreement with the Russians to reduce nuclear arsenals by 25%) Simple: Everybody has heard of Michael Jackson and thinks they know something about him. Hardly anybody knows anything about the U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals, including the international affairs reporters for the major TV news channels, so why should they be expected to talk about stuff they don't understand?

Why do self-righteous moralizing puritanical christian fundamentalists bluenoses keep getting caught in tawdry and often downright bizarre sex scandals? Projection.

Why do the ill-informed, frequently dishonest, bigoted and atavistic bloviators for a discredited, defeated political movement who are destined for the ash heap of history hog most of the air time on the teevee blather shows while the party that is actually in power and responsible for shoveling the mountains of shit they left behind can barely get a word in edgewise? Ahh, that one's not so easy.

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roger said...

the last one seems not that hard. part of what the owners own is the media, so they can show what they want to.