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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Reality Bites

We now have at least the third independent investigation of the "Climategate" hoax scandal which finds, yet again, that the scientists involved were not faking data or conclusions and acted with complete scientific integrity; and that the conclusion that the earth's surface and ocean are getting warmer due to human activity is absolutely unshaken. And yet CNN wants us to weigh in on whether we "still believe" in global warming, and climate scientists are being barraged with hate mail and death threats. The issue, in the view of the corporate media and much of the public, remains a political dispute and a matter of "belief," not a scientific fact.

You may recall that a popular claim of climate change deniers in recent months has been that the extent of arctic sea ice has been increasing. Nope, we're headed for another record low. A snow storm in DC this past winter was touted as proof that the whole climate change thing is a hoax, but the record setting heat wave now gripping the east? Pay no attention.

There are probably a few reasons why denialism is so deep and broad on this issue, but one is that the truth happens to conflict with the prevailing political ideology which holds that a mythical "free market" produces the most efficient allocation of resources. What it produces, of course, is the greatest amount of privilege, wealth and power for the most ruthless and fortunate few, while turning the earth into a wasteland.

Very soon, however, if not right now, denial will become impossible. We are all drowning in the truth, and no raving by Rush Limbaugh or the demented James Inhofe can withstand it. Only it's too damn late.


roger said...

there was letter in my local paper today about those rascal scientists faking data.

Cervantes said...

Write one of your own.

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