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Monday, April 11, 2011

A new bookmark

It's a busy day for me, so let me just turn you on to a good on-line magazine, Miller-McCune. I'm surprised I haven't heard about it sooner, and that it doesn't get more attention. In particular, if the Huffington Post health coverage makes you sick, the way it does me -- Ariana just loves her some of that voodoo -- their health and health care section is totally reality based and written for people who can think critically.

I particularly draw your attention to the work of Michael Scott Moore on drug control policy, and also here.

Check it out!


Anonymous said...

The article “Marijuana use hastens onset of schizophrenia” from that mag, the only one I read,

was terrible. (I couldn’t access the original paper, data.)

Absolutely awful, a hodge podge of ‘risk’, muddled underlying correlations mistaken for causation, empty blanket statements, ‘suspicions’ voiced by ‘authorities’, an emphasis on genetics at odds with the main thrust, lack or relevant comparisons (alcohol, economic status, etc.), dubious principles (e.g. adolescence is a critical time for brain development -?), with weak conclusions based on the data (using mary-j hastens onset of Schizophrenia, by more than a year, well, so?) and unwarranted pseudo-scientific pronouncements - “marijuana as a potential risk factor for schizophrenia” has not been publicized..

In short a regular hit piece on mary-j, “drugs” (drugs illegal in the US), let’s have more crack down, as there are ‘potential’, ‘proven’ risks, for ‘genetically vulnerable’ ppl. An exemplar of very worst, the pits, of popular science reporting.

(i am not a user of fan of marijuana and have no stake pro or for that matter contra.)


Cervantes said...

True, the discussion of the whole marijuana/schizophrenia thing has been alarmist and distorted -- not just here but pretty much everywhere.

Still, even if there's a clunker, I find it a good, serious publication.