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Monday, July 25, 2011

Full disclosure

I have a neurological disorder which causes me to fall into an unresponsive stupor every 24 hours, and to remain in that condition for up to 8 hours. During these episodes I often have colorful and elaborate hallucinations organized around bizarre story lines full of fantastic and magical events. I generally have only vague recollection of these experiences once I regain consciousness, and quickly forget about most of them entirely. It is possible to arouse me from this state, but I will likely be very grouchy if you do.

I have given up hope of even a diagnosis, let alone treatment. So I have accepted the situation and I now organize my life around it. Don't worry, I'm highly functional despite the condition.

There are several other analogous disorders, however, for which drug treatments are now available. For example:

  • Some people become sad at times.
  • There are children who do not like to sit quietly in rows for hours on end concentrating on boring tasks. They may squirm in their chairs, try to communicate with the children nearby, and even get up and walk around. This can be annoying to their teachers.
  • Many small children are emotionally labile. They will have a temper tantrum at one moment, and then play contentedly the next.
  • Other children do not always obey the order of adults and may provoke confrontation.

It is certainly a blessing that all of these diseases can now be treated, although there are side effects. Not to worry, more drugs are available to treat the side effects.

All that said, I have in fact been sick for the past couple of days which explains my absence. I am expected to survive. More shortly.

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robin andrea said...

Sorry to hear you've not been well. I'm sure there must be a perfectly fine and highly expensive medication for what ever ails you. I do hope you are feeling better soon.

Being human is hard work. I want a pill. Prescriptions for everyone, that's what I say!