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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Via our friend Dr. Rick, NIH, after mighty labors, has come up with some seriously lame-ass conflict of interest rules for researchers. Specifically, if they take more than $5,000 a year from industry, they have to disclose it, but not publicly. Somebody has to specifically ask their university for the info. Also, the university needs to have a "plan" to manage conflicts of interest, but it can be a secret. Enjoy your ineffective, dangerous, yet profitable pills.

Now for something completely different, for some reason it's generally not permitted for the corporate media to talk about this but it did come up briefly on the Wolf Blitzer show the other night, and now Terry Gross is covering it on NPR. While everyone's yelling and screaming about Sharia law and the New Caliphate, what Rick Perry, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are all about is Christian dominion. That's right, they want not only the United States, but the entire planet, to become a Christian theocracy. And no, that's not an exaggeration and it's not just some doctrine their churches officially believe in that they pay no attention to. It's an actual, active, public movement with which they associate. Still planning to sit out the 2012 election because Obama is a wuss?


kathy a. said...

that second link is a great point, really a good reason to think long and hard about going third party or sitting this next one out.

huh. my word verification is "clock."

Daniel said...

These events are leaving me with idiot fatigue.

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