Map of life expectancy at birth from Global Education Project.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

It's nice to see y'all . . .

Despite losing the occasional follower of this blog to blasphemous or otherwise intolerable posts, I've had the pleasure of seeing the number of declared followers increase since Google introduced the feature. It's great to know that people are reading, even though few ever comment. But I always wonder who you folks are, how you came across this blog, what you like about it, and what interests you. Also, is there consumer demand for anything in particular? I don't mind hearing some feedback and supplying any needs I can honorably meet.

So go ahead, introduce yourselves, let me know a bit about who I'm talking to and why you're listening. And don't be shy in the future -- conversation is always more fun than delivering a monologue.


Anonymous said...

learned about your site quite many years ago through the Iraqi blog where you hang your hat on weekends.

I like what you write, sometimes I like it a lot and pass the information on - for example what happened to your father was useful information for a net friend.

I would like more details about one of your most interesting features, the life span map. Where did that originate?

Cervantes said...

Look right under the map, at the top of the posting area -- there is a credit and a link.

Anonymous said...

Cervantes, I'm a long time, appreciative reader. I'm a population health services researcher at a large health system in the mid-atlantic region. I'm also a PhD candidate who is studying patient-provider interactions in urban primary care settings. Needless to say, I find a lot of kindred spirit in your posts.


Cervantes said...

Whaddya know. I'm a health services researcher at a big university in New England who studies patient-provider interactions in urban primary care settings. Send me an e-mail if you like and I'll send you some of my pubs.

Anonymous said...

I read and enjoy your blog alot. I especially like the evidence based medicine entries. I mostly agree with a lot of your thoughts, tho, as a 'paleo' eater, not a fan of the conventional nutrition advice.