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Monday, December 05, 2011

This really frosts my pumpkin

Let there be no doubt whatsoever. Donald Berwick was, is and ever more shalt be the best person to head CMS. He is the most qualified, has the best ideas, and has the strongest resume to be in charge of making medical care in this country better for patients, cheaper for payers -- including the taxpayers -- and more satisfying for providers. If you don't understand why, or what the man is all about, please do read the linked article.

As Harris Meyer writes, "[I]t's difficult to find any health care stakeholder groups that express anything less than glowing praise for Dr. Berwick's performance at CMS." But, president Obama had to put him in office through a recess appointment because the brain dead Republicans in the Senate threatened to filibuster his confirmation on account a he's a soshulist and he's for rashuning. Then they wrote a letter saying don't even come back and try for a regular appointment.

Evil idiots. That's all they are. Why anyone would even contemplate voting for Republicans candidates, who all hate America, I cannot begin to fathom.

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