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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mitt Romney Endorses Obamacare!

Actually, what the headlines are actually saying is Mitt Romney Likes to Fire People! Yes, he did say that, and people are taking it totally out of context in order to completely change the meaning, but that's fun to do! And Romney himself already said it was okay when he did it to Barack Obama! And it fits with a pre-existing narrative! So it's the thing to do.

Okay. But I'm going to put his remark in context for a really radical new approach to journalism, and take a look at what he actually said and its relationship to public policy! Now I know that's strange and unethical and would ruin my career if I were a real journalist, but just for kicks. . .

What Romney actually said is that he wants to be able to choose his health insurance plan and pick another one if he doesn't like the one he already has. What a coincidence. If he waits until 2014, when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act takes full effect -- unless, of course, he becomes president and gets it repealed, as he has promised to do -- he'll be able to go to his state insurance exchange. There he will easily see all the health insurance plans available to him, and their various features, and pick the one he likes! Then, if he isn't happy with his experience, he'll be free to change it! That's Obamacare! He's for it!

So, what a reporter might ask him, if the reporter was interested in public policy instead of the horse race and gotchas and gaffes, is why, since he actually likes the key feature of the bill, does he want to repeal it? But that would require the reporter to know something, and be able to think one move ahead. That's unreasonable.

BTW: When a person publishes in medical journals, a person often gets strange e-mails, like this one:

I can use telepathy, you can easy find me online, my telepathic brain scan is on [URL redacted] What I find most fascinating my telepathy is nearly identical what Schizophrenics experiences or it manifest itself exact like "Schneider's first-rank symptoms". I can exchange voice, video, smell, people can read my mind, stalk on me, people can move small move muscles on my body from distance up to few kilometer and much more and all messages from me are transmitted to big number of people so I am a Mental Radio. One of the most advanced things I can do is to talk brain to brain and it is very fascinating, works 100% all the time and it is really talk direct to brain.

And it goes on. Why am I not surprised that his telepathy is nearly identical to what schizophrenics experience? Anyway, I mention this because of the anniversary of the shootings in Tucson. The perpetrator is, from all publicly available information, as deranged as it is possible for someone to be and was very clearly inhabiting an alternate universe when he did his awful deed. So my question is, why is the DoJ so intent on prosecuting him? That just seems pointless.

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