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Monday, August 13, 2012

No, it's not just an ideological battle

It's a battle between truth and falsehood.

I hereby exercise my nigh supernatural powers of prognostication to proclaim that the corporate media will cover the policy differences between president Obama and presidential candidate Paul Ryan (not a typo) by quoting or paraphrasing how each of them and their spokespeople describe said policies.

This morning NPR devoted most of its program to Paul Ryan, and a pervasive them was that he is a fiscal conservative who wants to get the federal budget deficit under control. As Matt Miller of the Center for America Progress explains clearly, this is not so. Paul Ryan wants to make the federal deficit explode. However, although the linked page appears to have something to do with the Washington Post, Miller is not a WaPo columnist, they just let him post once a week on their Internet property. In the actual Washington Post, we will read about how federal deficits are unsustainable and what we need is a man with a serious plan to make the hard choices. Which is total BS.

NPR went to a Ryan rally and interviewed some fans. Waddyaknow, they were all excited because the federal budget deficit is a disaster and Paul Ryan is going to do something about it. NPR allowed those comments to stand unchallenged. And they will continue to do so. Mark my words.


Anonymous said...

For a group that insists on absolute standards and a clear distinction between right and wrong these folks seem awfully comfortable with a post modern acceptance of multiple takes on the truth - when it suits them.

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