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Monday, January 21, 2013

Ignoring the moment

Yeah, it's MLK day, and the inaugural ceremony/speech. I should probably say something profound. But . . .

Call me old fashioned, but back in my day the definition of "girlfriend" included physical connnnnnntact. Let me tell you, it's something you really miss when they aren't around.

Why do we call that thing in the basement the "hot water heater"? That's redundant and repetitive. It's just a water heater, okay?

Okay, I won't ignore the day entirely.

I believe I have previously mentioned my friend who thought Lance Armstrong was being persecuted. Sports heroes are not generally the kinds of people I look to for inspiration -- their accomplishments are essentially arbitrary, the mastery of invented feats. When they turn out to be personally flawed, there's nothing left. (Armstrong of course is more than just flawed - he turns out to be one of the ugliest narcissists ever.) Dr. King was a deeply flawed person in some ways, but it doesn't matter -- his personal life was irrelevant to his greatness. I'm not sure everybody totally gets that distinction.

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roger said...

i'm with you on that hot water heater redundancy. watched obama's 2nd inaugural. slow, platitudinous start. it got way better when he listed selma and stonewall as marking civil rights struggles. also remarking that our women aren't yet really equal citizens. and a mention of people waiting for hours to vote. still, no mention of the absurd economic inequality killing our country. nor wiretaps or drone warfare. nor... oh well.