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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cross posted from Today in Afghanistan . . .

UK newspaper the Mail reports that Prince Harry witnessed a war crime by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. Really. Excerpt:

Prince Harry was no more  than 220 yards away when a US trooper standing aboard an armoured vehicle cocked a .50 calibre machine gun and fired successive bursts at Afghan shepherds tending their goats, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. The shocking incident, which  was confirmed last night by the Ministry of Defence, triggered a war crimes investigation by US military police. It took place on Harry’s first frontline tour of Afghanistan, which, until today, has been shrouded  in secrecy. . . .

According to a British eye- witness the three shepherds were peacefully minding their own business when they were engaged. Given the force of the heavy machine gun rounds it is likely  they suffered serious or fatal  injuries, though their bodies were never recovered.
This would have happened in 2007. Note that although the story says the M.P.s investigated,  I am unaware that anyone has been prosecuted for this murder, nor that any investigation has been publicly acknowledged. I wonder if the U.S. corporate media will bother to report this? So far I haven't seen any mention of it.

We'll never know how many atrocities U.S. forces committed in Afghanistan, with total impunity. But the Afghans have a pretty good idea.

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