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Monday, April 28, 2014

Taking time off from the blog has helped me appreciate . . .

why Tom Lehrer retired from public life. The goings on lately are beyond the power of commentary. A guy becomes a conservative hero by refusing to pay his bills, on the grounds that "the federal government does not exist," while his armed supporters ostentatiously wave the flag of the non-existent United States. That he's an ignorant racist lunatic is pretty much beside the point. But everybody expects the Republicans to gain control of the Senate in November.  I'm baffled.

Anyway, my personal update is that I'm still in the cast and it's hard to type, but the pain is much less and I'm off the ibuprofen. Cast comes off May 6, I'm counting the days. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I got one of the rare e-mails from a publicist I actually want, a report by a coalition of progressive groups on the National Restaurant Association. No, it isn't the corner diner, it's Coca Cola and McDonald's and  KFC and the like. They spend huge bucks on lobbying and political contributions, and they're major opponents of minimum wage laws, other labor protections, and public health regulation. Selling junk food to children is one of their biggest priorities. Coca Cola, by the way, is not food, it's poison. How we can organize to fight and beat these scum is not clear to me, but it should be a top priority for progressives and everybody who cares about their children.


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