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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Christianity is good business

I doubt I've ever linked to CNN before, but this bit on the palaces of the archbishops is worth a gander. As we know the new Pope is getting all humble and poor, but the princes of the church have yet to get the memo. Ten of 34 U.S. archbishops live in houses worth more than $1 million, and some of them a lot more. Archbishop Dolan of New York, one of the world's sleaziest scumbags, lives in a mansion on Madison Ave. that's been appraised for $30 million.

That's just the Catholics. You may have seen, between innings or while you were zoning out to Rachel Maddow, a scam called "Christian Mingle." You can "find God's match for you" but God is requiring you to pay these people money in order to perform the miracle. Now they're letting us know that sometimes we're waiting for God to make the move, but God is saying it's your time to act. They actually know what God is saying to me, even though I can't hear it!

Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, does not believe in wealth redistribution. That's probably because he owns $25 million. Can't be redistributing that shit, instead he's been pureeing camels and pushing them through the eyes of needles.

It's bad enough that it's all bullshit. It's also theft. We can begin by eliminating the tax exemption for religious organizations.

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roger said...

with enuff belief you can hear almost anything. "pureeing camels and pushing them through the eyes of needles." that's good