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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Bob Stiglitz flies in on a black helicopter . . .

. . . to call for a global tax system so that corporations can no longer evade their responsibilities to the governments that make their profits possible. While he is obviously right, I have a unicorn to sell him.

In fact, we need global compacts to save our asses from numerous pending apocalypses, but I just don't see it happening. The power of nationalism -- which is a largely irrational ideology with mystical power for many people -- just won't allow for it; nor will the power of multinational corporations. Instead, the international compacts we do get, like NAFTA and the looming Trans-Pacific Partnership, are sponsored by multinational corporations for their benefit, not ours. 

The irony is that ordinary people think the UN one-world government is going to take away their guns and put them in concentration camps, so they vote for politicians who claim to be defenders of national sovereignty, who do not in fact give a rat's ass about national sovereignty when it comes to workers' rights, environmental protection, or taxation.

Not going to happen.

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