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Friday, November 20, 2015

Proud to be an American

I've never understood those bumper stickers. Is this something you achieved? Did you toil and sacrifice to accomplish the lofty goal of being an American? I really don't think so. In fact,  I think you were born here, in your shiny white skin.

Now suppose murderous maniacs were to take over the country you are so proud to be of, and you were forced to flee with your family for your lives. Would you think people who turned you away and sent you back to your doom should be proud?

But however proud you are, you apparently think that you aren't as proud as you want to be because we need to Make America Great Again, meaning, obviously, that it isn't Great right now.

And it's not just Republican primary voters who feel like you. The man with the dead muskrat on his head is tied in recent national polling in a hypothetical general election with the likely Democratic nominee, who will apparently not Make America Great Again. But muskrat man will, just like that German guy with the funny mustache, who used to shout pretty much the same way.

I am not proud.

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