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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Golden Age of American Politics

Actually, there wasn't one. The present may seem particularly horrifying but it really isn't. Before 1860, obviously, we had slavery and we were busy exterminating the natives and stealing their land. Then right after the Civil War the freed slaves wound up back in bondage as sharecroppers and terrorists roamed free in the land to assure they didn't assert any political or cultural rights. There was scarcely any objection.

We had the Gilded Age in the 1920s and then yes, we got some progressive measures through in the 1930s but that was only because the circumstances were desperate and that was the only way to save capitalism. The post-war years felt a little better but then we got Vietnam, Nixon, and Ronald Reagan, followed by the triangulating Bill Clinton and He Who Shall Not be Named. Barack Obama had 2 years before racist, reactionary lunatics took over the congress, not to mention most of the states, and now we have the Age of F.F. von Clownstick.

So really, the struggle is never ending. It isn't about fixing our foul stew of plutocracy and racism, it's about keeping up the fight. I intend to do so.

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