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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

But, the ACA does fall short

A New York Times survey finds that about 20% of people under 65 who have health insurance nevertheless have trouble paying out-of-pocket medical costs. The problem is that health care in the U.S. is still the most expensive in the world and many insurance plans have high deductibles and co-pays. People who sign up for health care on the ACA exchanges in particular tend to pick plans with high out-of-pocket costs because they are attracted by the lower premiums; but this doesn't necessarily turn out to be a good bet.

We still need universal, comprehensive, single payer national health care. Many of us supported the ACA because we thought it would be the camel's nose under the tent; but if anything it leaves the insurance companies more entrenched. Ultimately, we need a Democratic congress and president who are willing to take them on. I don't know if that's possible any time soon, but it's still the answer.

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