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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Too many emergencies

Yes, the Trump Foundation and the border wall and birtherism and all of the dreck that spews from Ronald T. Dump should get news coverage.

However, there is shit happening in the world that is like, really, really important and probably ought to be discussed by the candidates. You know, that little climate change problem, nucular weapons, mass extinction . . .

There is also this. When antibiotics stop working, it's not just those poor dusky-hued people in distant lands currently dying of tuberculosis who will be shit out of luck. It's you. Not only might you die from an infected scratch on your hand, common surgical procedures will be far too risky, women will die in childbirth and children will die from strep throats. Gonorrhea and syphilis will be incurable.

Of course, avoiding this fate requires paying a few cents more a pound for pork, beef and chicken, so we can't possibly afford it.

What are the chances it will come up in the debate on Monday?

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robin andrea said...

A serious topic? In this coming debate? No way. I want to know if Hillary frowns and if Donald says something that almost sounds like coherent English.