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Friday, December 09, 2016

Just to be clear about "Repeal Now, Replace Later"

The Republican proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act but not actually abolish it until 2019 at which time they will purportedly have figured out what to replace it with comes with a bonus: it will immediately eliminate the taxes which finance the ACA, 100% of which fall on people making more than $200,000 a year. That would be $346 billion over ten years.

So where are they going to get the money from to "replace" the ACA? Are they going to reinstate those taxes? I really don't think so. Of course, that has always been the real reason Republicans don't like the ACA. What are the chances the people who vote for them will ever understand this?


robin andrea said...

None. They will never understand.

Anonymous said...

Much of the conversation has centered on how to force one group to pay for the other group's health insurance and less of it on how to reign in the cost of the underlying services so that more people can afford to pay for their own insurance.

I agree that the system is pretty fucked up, but the ACA was never viable in the long run and arguably made things worse. None of the promises of "keep your doctor" or "keep your plan" or even "$2,500 savings for the average family" were true. It pretty much was the opposite of that.

I hope that the next iteration is better. The long game will be to control costs, not just shift insurance expense around.