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Friday, March 02, 2018

Family Values

So I'm driving to work today and I get behind a pickup truck. The guy has a single big sticker on the tailgate. The top half has a cross. Across the top it says "Marriage," then on either side of the cross is "One man" and "One woman."

On the lower half of the sticker are the words "Stop Abortion -- Spay a Liberal."

That is of course the term for surgically removing the reproductive organs from a female animal.

Funny thing about the Bible. It endorses polygamy, but doesn't say anything at all about abortion, unless you interpret a passage in Numbers as endorsing it. (We'll get to it eventually.) Meanwhile, there's something in the Gospels about loving thy neighbor, and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. So apparently this guy wants me to castrate him. Or rather, neuter him. It's the Christian thing to do.

You may have heard of the athlete Tim Tebow. He was extremely popular because every time he threw a touchdown pass, he would ostentatiously fall to one knee and pray. Jesus quite explicitly instructs people not to do that. (I hope we'll get to the NT in due course but it will be a while.) As it turns out, his prayers weren't worth very much because he totally sucked as an NFL quarterback and now he's playing baseball.

One of the biggest problems this country has right now is these self-styled Christians. They are smug, self-righteous, evil fools. It is long past time for them to land on the shit pile of history.


mojrim said...

Too. Much. Logic.... It burns.

As an aside, does the torah really endorse polygamy? I always thought it specified polygyny. Seems like an important distinction.

Anonymous said...

It is long past due for Christianity to land on the shit pile of history. It's responsible for more death & suffering than any other religion. Whatever the question is, it ain't the answer.

Gay Boy Bob said...

According to ABCNews, about 83% of all Americans self-identify as Christians and 37% of that group identify as born-again evangelicals.

"Evangelism soars particularly among blacks, and southerners: Two-thirds of blacks describe themselves as evangelical or born-again Christians, double the share of whites who do so.

I guess "Anonymous" just doesn't like black people as much as he would have you believe.

Cervantes said...

African American evangelicals vote Democratic.