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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Much ado about nothing

The latest obsession of the corporate media is the "alleged" existence of recordings in which Ronald T. Dump makes vile and repulsive comments. Who the hell cares?

He has made innumerable vile and repulsive comments in public. I'm quite sure he does in private as well. We already know everything about him we need to know, or care to know. He's a disgusting pig.


Anonymous said...

I think you're right in that there probably isn't any recording of Trump making racial remarks. His enemies would have surfaced it by now. They've tried everything but the kitchen sink to date.

Remember the bullshit about a tape of Trump hiring Russian hookers to pee on the bed where the Obamas slept? Same thing.

And if a tape of Trump using bad language does surface in the future, I don't think it will amount to a hill of beans, anyway.

Trump is delivering to his base and that's pretty much what matters to them.

Mark P said...

You're right, Cervantes. Anyone who has been paying attention already knows who Donald Trump is. He has demonstrated it many times. I would be surprised if there isn't such a recording. Every decent person knows what kind of person Trump is, a disgusting pig, as you say. On the other hand, his supporters know who he is, too. The wealthy ones won't care, even if they don't happen to share his attitudes, because he is useful. All the rest, the dupes and shills, know who he is and won't care either. In fact, they will welcome it because it will show, once again, that he is just like them.

Don Quixote said...

Of course, "Anonymous" mischaracterizes (as usual) what others say ... Cervantes said the tapes are "alleged" to exist (not, as "Anonymous" attributes to Cervantes, that "there probably isn't" any recording. I'm sure it does exist(and the pee tape, as well) but, as Robert Redford said, we've always known who Shitler is. It's like Cosby and other monsters ... they do the horrible fucked-up things they do (raping, stealing, abusing), and then one day a peer comes along and says, "This man tries to fuck people against their will" (in Cosby's case), or, "This man pays off everyone he tries to fuck (in Shitler's case, whether it be women, farmers, or whomever)--

and suddenly everyone opens his/her eyes!

BTW, Anonymous, I wish you would be.

But beyond the usual ... I really resonate with Mark P's comments. There are so many ignorant/racist/nasty people in this country, and they think Shitler is just like them--and they're right, to a point. He's actually worse than them and a lot sicker, mentally.

Lastly, pigs are intelligent and cool in many ways, and characterizing Shitler as a pig is unfair to them. Shitler is a monster. It's not even fair to say he's a "shit" because shit is harmless, basically. If the American people had elected a piece of shit as president, it would just sit there and cause no harm. It would just stink a lot. But Shitler is harming everything because he's a miserable person who wants everyone else to be miserable, too. He's a harpy.

Don Quixote said...

LMAO! Just saw W. Kamau Bell on Colbert ... (8/15/18, Wednesday). Speaking of the knowledge African-Americans already have about Shitler being a racist (1973 lawsuit against him and his father for not renting to black/brown people, the Central Park 5, etc.), he referred to any tape with Shitler using the N word as "the rotten cherry on the crap sundae."