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Saturday, February 23, 2019


Robert Kraft is said to be worth $6.6 billion. So why, you may well ask, does he have his chauffeur drive him to a  massage parlor for a $49 blowjob?  Many a commenter around and about the blogosphere has wondered why he doesn't shell out a larger sum for the company of a higher class of companion. Perhaps there is a clue in the TCPalm story:

The Vero Beach spa is owned by Orlando resident Yongzhang Yan. He also owns AA Massage in Sebastian and the Winter Park and Orlando spas. Yan is married to Lanyun Ma, who was in charge of the day-to-day operations at the Vero Beach location, police said.

Detectives watched the Orlando couple transport multiple women with suitcases to and from the spa, "for the purpose of sexual servitude," according to her arrest warrant. Police said victims, identified in court records as Jane Does, lived inside the spas and worked as prostitutes. Some stayed for days, others for months. None were allowed to leave on their own. They did not have their own vehicles and generally spoke Mandarin or Cantonese, not English. Currey said many came from China on temporary work visas, indebted to the the brokers who helped them reach America, but believing legitimate jobs awaited them. "Some of them are trying to make a better life for themselves," he said. "These people truly are stuck." They were shamed, intimidated and taught not to speak to law enforcement or immigration officials.
So you know, he could have hired someone to let him play out a rape fantasy. But that wouldn't have been the real thing.


Don Quixote said...

As I said, we are TRULY living in bizarre times. But basic human nature has not changed; just the level and availability of stimuli available to the insatiable, corrupted human spirit.

Nice title!

Mark P said...

It seems like so many of Trump's "friends" are sleazebags. What a wonderful country we live in.

John Bachtell said...

This is the first I've heard anything about a "rape fantasy". And the article that you linked to didn't contain the word 'rape'.

Just made that up?

Cervantes said...

Good point! The article did not contain the word rape! Therefore the fact that the women are enslaved and forced to have sex with 15 men every day does not mean that they are being raped, I just made it up. That's very logical of you John.

Anonymous said...

At 77, it's unlikely he could force himself on anyone that wasn't participating.

Cervantes said...

It is bizarre that people do not understand the meaning of the word rape.

The women were not physically coerced by Robert Kraft, but they were engaging in non-consensual sex. The word rape does not necessarily imply physical force. If you will take the time to read the articles about this (assuming your literacy level is sufficient), you will learn that among other tactics the traffickers threatened the women's families. Kraft is a smart guy, he knew what was going on.

Don Quixote said...

There are so many men in this ignorant country who are ignorant of the most basic rules of human decency. But then again, the entire country was founded on the genocide of indigenous peoples, and of the genocide of imported African peoples (who built the damn country). And if you can KILL people, you can do anything to them! So goes the logic.

There are so many effing clueless men (and women) in this sad, sick, ignorant country. That's how a man like Shitler could even be elected. Because there are so many sick, ignorant people here. It's tragic.