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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Call me intolerant . . .

. . . if you will.

Last Sunday I was channel surfing toward the news when I saw the victor in that weekend's golf tournament getting interviewed. The teevee guy asked him the standard question, why did he think his game had been so good?

It turns out it's because this particular golfer has "gotten closer to God." He realized he couldn't do it on his own so he started relying on God to guide his swing.

Here's what I think, punk. You are a malignant narcissist. You are actually claiming, before a national television audience, that the immortal, omnipotent creator of the universe of billions of galaxies, each of billions of stars, gives a flying fuck on a rolling doughnut where your golf ball goes? That God favored your victory over all the other poor schmucks who aren't close enough to him?

At the same time, your God is petty and banal enough to fix your golf game while he's otherwise occupied burying people under land slides and afflicting children with malaria. You are actually worse than the people whose neighbors are killed by a tornado and thank God for sparing them. Your religion makes me want to barf.


robin andrea said...

I think you need to get closer to god. Then you will understand this soulful analysis of the omnipotent handiwork guiding this grasshole.

roger said...

kill your tv. or petition god to do so.