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Friday, May 23, 2014

It's in the New York Times!

The Times does occasionally make mistakes (I know, I know, this news must come as a serious blow), but identifying Noam Chomsky as a professor at Harvard Divinity School has to be the weirdest ever. (Can't link to it because they've already corrected it on the web version.)

Equally weird was an ad that appeared therein today, from these folks. It's actually quite common for raving psychotics to have enough money to buy half-page or full-age ads in the Times. It's not a surprise that they exist, but how do they get rich? But the more important point here is that this drivel is actually indistinguishable from religion in general. It's no more meaningless than any theological language, just less familiar. No statement about God is meaningful, because the concept is nonsensical to begin with. I happen to know that Noam agrees with me.

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