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Monday, February 14, 2005

Media criticism

CNN -- the people who brought you the deeply enlightening show Crossfire -- has hired a distinguished panel to pick the top 25 health news stories of the past 25 years. If you are home sick and there aren't any good soap operas on, you might want to check out the story here.

To save on bandwidth, here's the list.

1. Human genome mapping
2. Stem cells
3. Cloning
5. Living liver transplant
6. Self-contained artificial heart
7. Prozac
8. Seatbelt laws
9. Overweight America
10. Body mass index
11. Phen-Fen
12. Low-carb diet
13. Cosmetic surgery boom
14. Gene therapy
15. Anthrax attack
16. West Nile/SARS
17. Prescription drug advertising
18. Tobacco settlement
19. Silicone breast implant settlement
20. Reproductive surgery
21. Laser-eye surgery
22. Mad cow
23. ADHD
24. Tylenol tampering
25. Viagra

I can think of one or two items that might be missing from this list. Let me know if you spot anything. Warning: they might be four bowlers.

Meanwhile, I've got all the material I need for the next few months . . .

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