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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New Resource

Old friend John McDonough, former crusading Massachusetts state legislator, author of a fine book on policy making, and now Executive Director of Health Care for All (Massachusetts) has gotten the blogging bug, in his official capacity.

Health Care for All

I'm hoping John will add commenting and not be afraid to get a little sassier. Their web site also has a lot of good resources in addition to the blog.

HCFA has been working to get some form of universal health care in Massachusetts since the president of the United States was a real fake Hollywood cowboy, not just a New England preppie who talks like one. They even got a plan passed once, but it was repealed before it was implemented. (Which I have mixed feelings about, I didn't particularly like it but that's spilt milk over the dam.) But they're always close. If there's any state where we have a chance to break the ice jam, it's Massachusetts, the bluest state which also happens to be home to John E. McDonough. (You have to use the "E" because when he was a politician, the Republicans would get additional people named John McDonough on the ballot just to confuse people. I wish I was clever enough to make that up but it's the truth.)

La lucha continua John E., and Sr. Cervantes is still in it with you.

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