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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Putting two and two together

Via atrios, a link to a Katrina timeline created by Think Progress. It's just everything we already know, neatly laid out.

So okay, Bush, Cheney and Rice were on vacation. But was Karl Rove in Albania? When Cheney is on vacation, does he unplug his brain? I don't expect the Resident to know enough to spill his lemonade on his lap if his pants are on fire, but he's never been in charge of anything in the first place. Where were his babysitters?

I can only conclude that in spite of the debacle in Iraq, regardless of the polls sinking into the quicksand, their arrogance and self-involvement just continued to bloat. They truly believed that the corporate media would never detach its slavish lips from their pasty butts, no matter what. They thought they could get away with anything. And you know what? They may still be right.

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