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Monday, March 13, 2006

Koufax Awards

Stayin' Alive was nominated for a Koufax in the "deserving of wider recognition category," but don't bother voting for me because I'm not gonna win anyway and it isn't important to me.

However, it is important to YankeeDoodle that people vote for Today in Iraq. Here's part of his statement:

Today in Iraq is a blog unlike others. We offer little original commentary. Instead, we aggregate the news from Iraq while trying to present an accurate situation report that you won’t find in the American corporate media.

A reader once wrote me and said we have the worst job in the blogosphere. That reader was right - we document blood, bravery, foolishness and folly.

Speaking from experience, it takes about four to five hours to prepare a news summary. You consult your battle map, research the day’s violence, count the casualties, read about the sacrifices of the soldiers, the determination of the insurgents, and the suffering of the civilians. Then you read the spin and spew our leaders and our media present as they try to convince us that victory is just around the corner and freedom is on the march. The dissonance between reality and rhetoric will drive you crazy as you research and prepare the daily summary.

I’ve already said more than I intended. If you think the editors here are worth your vote, please show your appreciation by casting your vote by posting in comments here. Voting ends at midnight today, Monday, March 13, 2006.



TiI is an important project, providing a new kind of historical document for the age of the World Wide Web. I'm honored to have the opportunity to contribute. So I hope you'll all head over there and give YD what he wants.

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