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Monday, January 01, 2007

Am I missing something here?

I read that GW Bush is to give the eulogy at the funeral of Gerald Ford. That this is even possible, let alone that the politicians and the corporate dictators of public opinion in the mass media find it perfectly ordinary and to be expected, is proof of the pathological incapacity of Americans for self-reflection.

George W. Bush as eulogist? He is a habitual and remorseless liar, a war criminal, a mass murderer, the public face for a gang of vicious thieves who have betrayed not just their country, but all of humanity for the sake of nothing but insatiable greed. The proper place for him is locked in a cage, for the rest of his life, so that he can't hurt people any more. And yet we give him the leading role at a solemn occasion of state.

The Democrats have already pledged not to impeach him. Not a single prominent writer or social critic, to my knowledge, including the editorial staff and columnists for the publications that hold down the left edge of our political discourse, including The Nation, has called for him to be tried for his crimes, or even for those crimes to be called what they are and for the Congress to act accordingly. He continues to be treated with respect and deference and the supposed opposition party has even promised not to do anything that would effectively impede the escalation of his crimes.

Do Gerald Ford's family and friends have no shame? Have they no respect for the late president, that they would allow his memory and his name to be so drenched in filth?

The only way for the United States to begin to recover its national honor is to impeach both George W. Bush and Richard Cheney; remove them both from office; and prosecute them for their crimes. That is what we must do.

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