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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Nothing I didn't know . . .

Today we're going to have to endure watching Barack Obama join with the majority of Democratic senators to repudiate the fourth amendment and the rule of law. Obama is afraid of the ads accusing him of denying the president the tools he needs to protect you, your children and this puppy from the Islamofascistocommunistoterrorists, who threaten the extinction of Western Civilization, and of whom he is a covert agent. ("Exactly what conversations between Americans and foreign Islamic terrorist masterminds does B. Hussein Obama -- pictured here photoshopped with darkened skin and a nose hooked like a scimitar -- not want the National Security Agency to be able to intercept?")

His colleagues, of course, are merely afraid that the telecommunications companies will give millions of dollars to their opponents in the next election.

As a youth, I knew perfectly well that the United States was ruled by money, and that its imperialist aggression was in the interest of preserving the wealth and power of the privileged people who run the country. I don't know what caused me to forget that for a while.

Sorry for the erratic posting, I've been very busy starting up a new project. I'll talk about it shortly.

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