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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

O-oh, Mexico

Oh, Mexico
I never really been but Id sure like to go
Oh, Mexico
I guess Ill have to go now

Actually I have been, but only to Baja California Norte. Sunday I'm heading to La Ciudad Mexico for the International AIDS Conference. People tell me it's more political than scientific but I am going to present an itty bitty teeny weeny bit of science, or at least empirical observation, about the ways doctors talk to patients.

More on that anon, but for now I just wanted to let y'all know. I'll do my best to blog regularly from the conference, which is usually more than slightly raucous, and also to give my impressions of Mexico City, about which the same is said. I have the advantages of speaking the language and having a native guide or two, so I hope to offer something more than la perspectiva de una turista.

Let me know if there's any thing in particular you'd like me to watch out for. I'm having a Carta Blanca as I write to get warmed up.

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