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Friday, October 17, 2008

Land of the Daft

Maybe when I think I'm awake, I'm dreaming, and when I'm dreaming, I'm really awake or something.

It turns out that Joe the Plumber:

Is not a plumber
Makes $40,000 a year
Is in no position to buy his boss's business, and
Even if he was, the business only clears 100K
His name is Sam

We already know that "Sarah Palin" is also a fictitious character. The real Sarah Palin is fiscally irresponsible -- drove Wasilla deep into debt on a boondoggle sportspalast project -- campaigned in favor of the Bridge to Nowhere, lobbied vigorously for earmarks, and far from being a reformer, she habitually abuses her power and violates the law. Oh yeah -- she isn't even a hunter. Her father makes her buy hunting licenses so he can shoot moose on her tag.

"John McCain," of course, is equally fictitious. The mavericky straight talker who has a strict rule against employing lobbyists in his campaign has a senior staff that consists entirely of lobbyists; radically changed his positions on immigration, the role of religion in public life, and taxes, in order to suck up to the far right; and just makes up crazy bullshit all the time.

But at least 42% of the people already plan to vote for "John McCain" (and he's gaining) because they get computer generated phone calls claiming that Barack Obama is a Communist, terrorist, baby murderer.

And this is the greatest country on earth and we're all proud to be Americans.

I mean come on now. Enough. We're a laughing stock before the entire world. Doesn't that bother y'all wingnuts even a little, tiny bit?

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