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Sunday, April 26, 2009

country place

(Image Shack is foisting a lot of advertising on pic viewers, but at least they accept big files so I'm still using them. If anybody has a better idea, let me know.)

BTW if you keep clicking on the pictures -- first on the thumbnail, then on the image you get at ImageShack to view the image without advertising, and then on the image one more time to enlarge it, you'll get the full-size pic -- which you'll need to see the detail in most of these.

Here's a view of the barn. The farm field is off to the left. You can't see the house in this one, but it's through the woods behind the field.

Here are the peach blossoms just about to come out. Probably could have gotten you a beautiful peach tree to look at if I was still there today.

This is a view of the house from the perspective of the waterfall . . . (For some reason ImageShack hasn't been loading this image for me -- but it's not the greatest anyway.)

And this is the waterfall.

This is a view through the woods from the house toward the barn, which you can barely make out. The area between the house and barn is a protected wetland, with a bog and vernal pool. I've left a wooded buffer.

Here are a couple more views of the waterfall and the stream following a torrential rain, and the house for those of you who haven't seen it before.

So, that's where I've been spending my Saturdays for the past few years -- building that house and barn, mostly. Now I guess I'll have to write a book: How to Build a House.


kathy a. said...

nice place!

robin andrea said...

The house and land look fantastic. Love that waterfall. And, is that a sunroom/greenhouse on the south-facing wall?

When do you move in?

Cervantes said...

Yes, it's a greenhouse alright. Actually the whole side you are looking at is the south - the greenhouse faces south, is attached to the west side. It's a passive solar design.

I don't move in exactly, still have my day job in Boston.

roger said...

well done!!! did you use an existing design? make your own?

steph h. said...

What a cool retreat! I bet it's hard to leave when you have to.

Michael said...

Great place you've got there.
Have you tried flickr for your images?

Cervantes said...

Bought plans off the Intertubes, but modified them by adding the greenhouse and a couple of other tweaks both visible and invisible.

C. Corax said...

I don't move in exactly, still have my day job in Boston.Hey, Cervantes, you don't need to move in--I'll do it for you!

Seriously beautiful home you've got there. What an accomplishment to build it yourself. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...